Army National Guard Contract Length

(Army News Service, June 1, 2009) – A new program that provides special pay for Soldiers deploying past their end-of-service dates is set to take affect Sept. 1 for the National Guard. their.

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The service’s fiscal 2019 budget request contains a $23.3 million line item to equip the Army and Army National Guard with 300 M3A1 recoilless. for rapid procurement in September 2017, the new.

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Enlistment Contract Options. While most Army enlistment contracts feature a four-year active duty component, the length of an individual soldier’s contract depends on several factors. For example, some Army programs offer active duty enlistment contracts of two, three or six years.

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We are unable to directly recruit National Guard, Active Guard Reserve or Reserve Soldiers. You must first enlist active duty and serve with a conventional unit for at least six months. You may then contact the Regimental Recruiting Detachment (REC-D) at

Welcome, National Guard soldiers and airmen! rules. meme posts, Images, Etc; As of now these posts are allowed (considering they are within proper OPSec, etc) SECURITY; If you have any doubts about posting something? Don’t. Follow guidelines laid down by the Army, we will enforce with no questions asked. OPSEC/PERSEC for military families

You can certainly sign a 4 year contract as a person without prior service, but they work really hard to incentivize 6 year contracts. Airman 1st Class (E-3) is guaranteed with a 6 year enlistment, and any enlistment bonuses that might be available are exclusive to 6 year contracts.

In the “unlikely circumstance” a soldier contracts the virus while in Liberia. Here’s the full statement from the Minnesota National Guard: Nearly 700 Minnesota army national guard soldiers from.

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Best Answer: If you want active duty, you would not be an SMP cadet. Your reserve/guard contract will be annulled when you contract into the rotc advanced course. This can happen with 30 semester units, and takes place during sophomore year not during junior year. It will be an 8 year contract, 3 years.